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In 2011, Faithfully Guided began as a pastoral counseling and educational outreach non-profit in Ocala, FL. God gave Jamie a vision of a team of people under one roof. She never would have guessed that vision would be the Faithfully Guided Health Center. Jamie stayed faithful over the years, considering different options, but it never felt right until Ashlee and Jamie were reunited.

In 2014, Ashlee was prompted by God to go to Jamie for counseling. What started out as a client/counselor relationship eventually grew into two forces reconnecting after many years and becoming the best of friends. At that time, Ashlee had been a registered nurse for more than 10 years in an acute care setting and was finishing her graduate degree. Her dream was to combine her passion for lifestyle health in a clinical setting. The two visionaries shared the same faith, their love for fitness, nutrition, health outcomes, and the need for the integration of the spirit, mind, and body to truly heal.

In 2018, they started Faithfully Guided Health Center, LLC and repurposed Faithfully Guided 501(c) 3 into a foundation to financially support clients that may not have the resources as many of the services are not reimbursable and therefore, making all of the services, not just counseling, available and affordable. Ashlee and husband, Dr. Melvin Seek, FGHC Medical Director, and Jamie and husband, Danny Schofield, purchased the downtown location with the plan that Danny would construct the interior renovation of the health center. It is only through the belief and foundational support of both husbands, in addition to the vision for this soon to be re-constructed warehouse in the heart of downtown Ocala, that they all decided through much prayer it was part of God’s provision to lead the change in lifestyle health for the community.

Faithfully Guided is unique in that it uses a true faith-based and collaborative model that connects the spirit, mind, and body by treating the whole person. Jamie and Ashlee lead together because they prioritize their most important roles as wives and mothers. Together, through shared research, decision-making, and personal lifestyle health choices, they encourage one another and make it a priority to live the message. They offer services under one roof, making it easy for you to reach your wellness goals. Faithfully Guided Foundation extends the mission FGHC by making services available and affordable for everyone, so lifestyle health is not a luxury.

Faithfully Guided Health Center is a collaboration of health practitioners dedicated to integrating the highest standards of conventional, complementary, and alternative health services, which in turn, nurtures optimal health and abundant life.