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Photography Design


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Photography, Multimedia, Glamour, Fashion, Product Photography, Actor Head Shots, Model Portfolio, Corporate Head Shots, High End Retouching, High End Portraits, Film, Video, Video ads, Real Estate, Commercial Photography


Established in 2004.

Photography Design is the creation of photographer and actor Eddy Mendoza who started to capture actors and models in Hollywood in 2004. After working behind the camera for a while he decided to try his hand at acting where he worked as a spokesperson for a few national and local companies. Realizing that being in front of the camera left him with very little say as to how and what happens he decided to hone his skills behind the camera instead. Working with one of today’s most creative haute couture designers, Roberto De Villacis, who creates works of wearable art for movie stars and singers like Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert and others has given him an insight into the fashion industry that no book can ever provide. Today he travels back and forth to LA to provide images for his clients as well as creating a boutique studio here in Ocala. His hope is to discover and capture new stars in this region and promote them.