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Zone Health and Fitness


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Zone is a gym for EveryBody. Our facility has 10 different Zones to choose from based on your level of fitness and what you enjoy doing. We offer 5-Day free trials to all of our Zones so that you can find the one that is perfect for your needs. Zone Health & Fitness is Ocala’s premier personal training studio in Central Florida. Our staff is comprised of certified personal trainers who specialize in working with the specific needs of each client individually. Whether your aim is to live a healthier lifestyle or realize a long-term fitness goal, our trainers have the experience, knowledge, and motivation to help you get you there. Our specialties include the following: CrossFit Cycling Classes, Spin Classes (Spinning Classes) Childcare Area and Play Zone High Intensity Workout classes Healthy Food Zone with delicious wraps, tasty salads, and protein shakes Boxing Classes Massage Therapy Zones Personal Training and Personal Trainers